Battery parameters:
System voltage: 24V
Battery: 2x12V or 4x12V GEL/AGM

Solar input parameters:
Open-circuiit voltage : 39V
Current at maximum power: 16A

Current: 1A
Data transfer: RS232

Output parameters:
Adjustable output 1: 12-21V DC 2A
Adjustable output 2: 12-21V DC 2A

Charging parameters:
Nominal charging voltage: 27,6V
Nominal charging current: 8A

Data transfer:
Type of data transfer: GSM GPRS
SIM Card type: micro SIM


Effective energy management

Automatically shortening or extending the operating time of the device in order to maintain a positive energy balance.

Remote hardware configuration

Possibility to change setup of the device any time in any place without the need to go on site.

Remote diagnostics and fault detection

Information about failures and problems, real time statistics, no need for on site diagnostics.

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