What is M-tronics Xanron?.

Xanron is a system that consists of a controller and cloud based software. It's designed for effective management of power generated by photovoltaic cells, where the energy is stored in batteries. You can use it for low-power devices at places with no electrical grid supply.

Increasing battery lifetime

Monitoring operations of all the batteries and automatic adjustment of operating parameters depending on properties and condition of the battery.

Effective energy management

Automatically shortening or extending the operating time of the device in order to maintain a positive energy balance.

The operation is independent of weather conditions

Automatic adaptation of charging parameters to prevailing temperatures.

Remote hardware configuration

Possibility to change setup of the device any time in any place without the need to go on site.

Remote diagnostics and fault detection

Information about failures and problems, real time statistics, no need for on site diagnostics.

Burglar alarm

Notification about burglary alarm in the form of an SMS message or an e-mail sent to the owner or to security services.

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